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February 18, 2017 1 min read

Before you begin looking down the list, imagine a wearing something that absolutely relates to you and your gym buddies. How would you feel?

I’m certain it will separate you from the average crowd. So let your clothing be an extension of your personality in the gym and outside. Wouldn't you love to be different and special amongst the mainstream. So we are up with creative and unusual T-shirts in which each one offers its own unique take and thought on its design.

If you are looking to include a couple of more imaginative T-shirts to your collection, look no further because these are exclusively available now on Being Badass!

All the quotes can be customised to your interests and passion. Shoot us a mail at

Which one suits your personality the most from the collection below..

1. Drink Wine, Swear And Lift A Lot! Indeed A Badass

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2. Are Your Hobbies Gym, Drinking Wine And Being Savage? Is That You?


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3. Drink Some Wine, Listen To Some Gansta Rap And Handle It!

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4. Fitness Level: Not Terrible But Definitely Enjoys Wineee! 

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5. Workout, Save Animals And Drink Wine? Still Better Life Than Most


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6. Life Is About Finding The Right Balance? Isn't It

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